Ridolfi – Montalcino

Ridolfi – Montalcino

Customer: Ridolfi – Montalcino

Timing:  2011-2014

Development of marketing strategy and corporate image. Organization of the sales network in order to achieve a product positioning in the medium to high range.

- Creation of the new corporate identity, identification of an appropriate pricing policy and of a sales and marketing strategy;
- Identification of business partners in the main markets, with a focus on North American ones;
- Participation at events, fairs and promotional tastings in Italy and abroad;
- Support in media relations management, in relations with wine guides and international wine competitions.

Positioning of Ridolfi wines in some key international markets (Canada, Japan, Germany) in collaboration with new business partners selected by us. In particular, a national importer in USA was acquired and together we developed the strategic plan of distribution and the brand promotion in the United States.


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