Who we are

Who we are

A.C. Marketing & Trade is an international trading company. It was founded in 2006 stemming from an idea of ​​Andrea Carpi, MBA in wine business and professional wine taster. Expert in dynamics of wine and food market, he selects companies which appeal international markets, who are constantly in evolution, and suit their  ever-changing commitments.

The smart and highly professional company offers an intermediation  between the needs of the market and those of its business partners, identifying their values ​​and competitive features, and offering a global consultancy from distribution up to marketing and communication.
The company offers a full range of services such as business planning, sales network management, identification of new opportunities of business development.  2.0 marketing and social media are taken in great consideration, to ensure the largest visibility for its partners, with the aim of building a brand.


    • Vast knowledge of international markets, of their governing laws and of their potentialities.
    • Consolidated relationship network of importers, opinion leaders, in wholesale, on-trade and off-trade distribution channels.
    • Professional competence and vast knowledge of the Food & Beverage scene.

Our target

Food & Beverage companies who aim to improve and increase their business.

Our main markets

    • Europe: Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Poland, Scandinavia, Benelux, Russia, Ukraine ;
    • America: United States and Canada ;
    • Asia: Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore.